The Top Contact Center Vendors to Consider in 2024

Leading CCaaS and Contact Center Vendors in 2024

The Top Contact Center Vendors to Consider in 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

The top contact center vendors are empowering companies from every industry to unlock new levels of customer loyalty, with exceptional omnichannel experiences. In recent years, the contact center has evolved drastically, with the rise of new communication channels, intuitive AI tools, and powerful solutions for unifying and empowering distributed teams.  

As “experience” continues to outperform price and product features as the number one thing customers consider when choosing whether to work with a brand, the value of the contact center is growing. Now virtually every business, large and small, has their own contact center solution.  

The question for growing organizations today, is which CCaaS and contact center vendors can give them the most effective resources to ensure ongoing success? We’ve assessed the growing CX landscape, to bring you this complete market map of leading contact center vendors. 

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Contact Center Marketplace.

  • 8×8 
  • Amazon Web Services 
  • Avaya 
  • Cisco 
  • Content Guru 
  • Enghouse Interactive 
  • Evolve IP 
  • Five9 
  • Genesys 
  • NICE 
  • Odigo 
  • Puzzel 
  • RingCentral 
  • Salesforce 
  • Sprinklr 
  • Talkdesk 
  • Twilio 
  • UJET 
  • Vonage 
  • Zoom 


Flexible and cloud-driven contact center vendors like 8×8 give businesses the opportunity to build the ideal technology stack for their needs, with highly modular, and customizable solutions. The 8×8 contact center offering combines 99.999% uptime reliability, with end-to-end security, adaptive analytics, omnichannel routing, and tools for team collaboration and workforce engagement. 

Ready to connect with all the channels modern consumers use, as well as existing business applications, such as Microsoft Teams, and CRM platforms, 8×8’s contact center streamlines digital transformation. Companies also gain access to innovative AI tools for self-service and CX analysis, composable workspaces for agents and supervisors, and an ever-evolving feature set. 

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Amazon Web Services  

Cloud giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivers intuitive contact center software to global companies. The AI-powered contact center leverages solutions like Amazon Q, the generative AI assistant, to streamline the flow of work for agents, deliver instant coaching, and enhance self-service journeys. Plus, Amazon’s “Connect” contact center also uses AI to help companies measure, track, and improve team performance.  

With comprehensive support for a range of communication channels, from chatbots, to SMS messaging, Amazon allows organizations to serve customers wherever they are. Additionally, there are various add-on options for businesses. Options include the Contact Lens solution for in-depth sentiment analysis and tools for proactive and automated outbound campaigns.  

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Avaya is one of the many contact center vendors in the world today offering access to a range of deployment options for their communication technology. Contact center solutions can be accessed on-premises, in the cloud, or via hybrid deployment methods. The Avaya Experience Platform, in the cloud, is a highly scalable offering, supporting omnichannel customer support.  

The solution comes with AI-powered speech analytics and noise removal tools, attribute-based routing capabilities, and workforce engagement integrations. Avaya’s contact center can also be aligned with Avaya’s Cloud Office system for UCaaS, as well as existing business CRM, ERP, and workforce management resources.  

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Another communication company offering contact centers to address various business needs, Cisco delivers hybrid, cloud, and on-premises CX systems. The company offers organizations flexible cloud migration options, AI-powered tools, and an open, unified, and flexible platform that can integrate with existing business resources and ecosystems.  

The Webex contact center, recognized by Gartner in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant, is brimming with features like generative AI assistants, intelligent routing tools, and customizable supervisor and agent desktops. There are various analytical and reporting tools available, as well as solutions to assist companies in managing hybrid and remote teams. 

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Content Guru 

Specializing in cloud communication, Content Guru delivers flexible contact center and UCaaS services to companies in more than 60 countries. The storm contact center solution is a robust and resilient system that can be customized to suit the needs of different industries or teams. It features advanced routing capabilities, real-time and historical reporting tools, and AI solutions.  

Content Guru’s contact center can integrate with existing business platforms like Microsoft Teams, and works alongside various CRM and WFM solutions. The system also includes access to the intelligent automation system “brain” to assist with streamlining workflows. Content Guru also promises companies 99.999% uptime reliability.  

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Enghouse Interactive  

Like many top contact center vendors, Enghouse Interactive serves companies of various sizes, in numerous industries worldwide. The company’s flexible contact center software supports omnichannel routing, for comprehensive customer service, as well as self-service solutions, AI-powered analytics, and reporting, and recording and quality management tools.  

Companies can align their CCaaS offering with unified communication tools, to enhance collaboration, and access both outbound and inbound campaigns in the same space. Enghouse Interactive also delivers real-time speech analytics, and specialized solutions for healthcare, public sector, financial services, and media companies.  

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Evolve IP  

UK-based UCaaS and contact center vendors, Evolve IP, delivers a cloud-based CCaaS solution, for omnichannel customer communication. The solution can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Cisco Voice, and aligns with numerous CRM and workforce management tools. With this contact center, companies can expect a full omnichannel feature set, and award-winning WFM technology. 

Evolve IP’s contact center also supports remote application access, intelligent IVR systems, post-call surveys for collecting consumer insights, and advanced reporting capabilities. There are also customizable agent and supervisor tools, and solutions specially designed for the mobile workforce.  

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Recognized as one of the leading contact center vendors by analysts like Gartner, Five9 delivers intelligent cloud-based solutions for customer experience and workforce management. The Five9 contact center offering combines global voice with workflow automation capabilities, artificial intelligence, CRM, and UC integrations. Companies can also access APIs and SDKs.  

Five9’s evolving set of contact center features include intelligent virtual agents, AI summarization tools, and analytical and reporting capabilities. There are also various resources that assist with improving employee experience, and enabling quality management, or workplace gamification. The offering can adapt to suit businesses of any size or industry. 

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Focusing on the cloud, Genesys’ contact center software is highly customizable, giving companies the freedom to align their ecosystem with existing tools, and embrace a range of different modules. The software includes all of the key features contact centers need, from voice bots and chatbots for self-service, to automated omnichannel routing, co-browsing, and screen sharing. 

There are built-in solutions for unified communication and workforce optimization, as well IVR solutions, and intelligent tools for digital sales and service automation. Genesys also offers extensive workforce engagement and management tools, as well as comprehensive real-time and historical reporting systems and dashboards. 

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Like many modern contact center vendors, NICE is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance its CX solutions. The NICE CXOne portfolio includes a purpose-built AI toolkit, in the form of NICE Enlighten, which uses generative AI technology to support self-service, deliver rich insights to business leaders, and support hybrid, remote, and in-office agents.  

The full cloud-centric contact center offering from NICE delivers numerous features from intelligent routing to journey orchestration tools, and in-depth reporting capabilities. Companies can also choose to combine their contact center solution with workforce engagement management tools, intended to boost resource management and staff performance.  

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Cloud solutions provider Odigo specializes in omnichannel CCaaS software that aligns with the existing digital toolkits of business leaders. The company’s contact center offering supports every form of communication from SMS to video, and enables intelligent skills-based and contextual routing, with behavioral targeting.  

There are also robust automation tools for call and service management, natural language understanding solutions, and rich AI tools available. Odigo even gives companies a unified console where they can track in-depth insights into their target audience, leverage opportunities for performance optimization and manage compliance. Plus, Odigo’s tools can integrate with CRM, WFM, and UC technologies.  

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Technology company Puzzel delivers software and cloud-based solutions to businesses looking to scale their customer experience strategy. The contact center technology offered by the organization aligns omnichannel communication and routing with straightforward tools for remote assistance (such as live screen sharing), and chatbot technologies.  

Companies can access sales intelligence systems for insights into potential opportunities for increasing revenue, as well as quality assurance and workforce management tools. Puzzel’s contact center ecosystem is also constantly evolving, with additions like the “Customer Hub” for customer journey management, to Customer Insights for advanced reporting.  

→ Explore Puzzel 


RingCentral is one of the top contact center vendors offering a range of UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solutions to businesses worldwide. The company’s flexible contact center systems include the RingCentral contact center, intended for larger-scale companies, and the RingCX AI-powered contact center for omnichannel communication and intelligent self-service.  

With RingCentral, companies can access robust features for omnichannel routing, AI-powered self-service, and even agent assistance, with real-time coaching options. There are various solutions for building automated workflows. Plus companies can integrate RingCentral’s technologies with the MVP UCaaS offering, and other existing business software.  

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Known for its CRM solutions, Salesforce also competes with the top contact center vendors, with a comprehensive solution that combines AI, CRM, data, and communication technologies. The contact center offering, built into the Service Cloud solution provided by Salesforce, comes with embedded cloud voice, live chat, messaging, SMS, and even proactive messaging.  

Salesforce’s contact center offering aligns with the full range of tools produced by the company, including AI-powered like Einstein, and Salesforce’s generative AI assistant. Plus, organizations can access agent productivity tools, training and management resources, and robust reporting capabilities within their Salesforce CCaaS environment.  

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For companies in search of contact center vendors investing in innovative tech, Sprinklr offers an AI-powered communication platform. The company’s omnichannel contact center software gives agents a unified view of customers and conversations across more than 35 channels, allowing for contextual service. It also includes access to customizable conversational AI bots. 

Sprinklr’s contact center technology allows companies to automate processes and reduce average handling times, with intelligent routing, and AI-suggested responses. The solution also includes voice bots capable of speaking over 100 languages. Plus, there’s support for integrations with marketing, sales, and employee workforce management tools.  

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Combining essential contact center tools with artificial intelligence, Talkdesk offers companies an intuitive solution for customer experience. The company’s contact center leverages everything from natural language processing to generative AI to improve self-service outcomes, enhance automation in the workplace, and support agents.  

Talkdesk’s AI contact center gives companies the power to dive deeper into analytics for workforce engagement, omnichannel customer service, collaboration, and customer experience. Plus, companies can leverage low-code solutions to customize their contact center system, with bespoke routing, reports, and automated workflows.  

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Unlike other flexible contact center vendors, Twilio is best-known for its CPaaS and API solutions. However, the organization’s Twilio Flex offering gives companies a highly versatile way to manage omnichannel conversations, create personalized experiences for customers, and improve employee experiences. This all-in-one platform gives companies the freedom to build the ideal contact center. 

Twilio’s technology can be adapted to match how companies prefer to interact with their customers and vice versa, and even supports extensive integrations with existing tools. Users can even customize self-service experiences, the user interface for agents, and connectivity options. Plus, Twilio offers specialist professional services for contact center development.  

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Partnering with Google, UJET is one of the top contact center vendors offering AI-powered solutions for customer service, sales, and support. Businesses leaders can leverage UJET’s technology, combined with Google’s generative AI, natural language understanding, and automation tools to create highly intuitive contact center experiences.  

The contact center toolkit comes with virtual agents for self-service options, powered by Google’s technology, as well as solutions for real-time analytics and intelligence. Businesses can also build bespoke automated workflows, and leverage tools that help them to preserve service quality, manage agents, and minimize compliance risks. 

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Flexible communication software provider, Vonage, delivers a cloud-based contact center (VCC), that focuses on team productivity, first-call resolutions, and journey personalization. Vonage ensures companies can access simple and streamlined omnichannel features, with a single cloud-native solution that also integrates with tools like Salesforce.  

Features of the Vonage contact center range from AI-powered tools for analytics and self-service, to automation, and reporting and analytical features. Companies can also leverage video and screen sharing capabilities, custom dashboards, and gamification tools to help engage employees. Plus, Vonage promises end-to-end security and compliance for companies in all industries.  

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Zoom’s position among contact center vendors in the cloud landscape has evolved in recent years. The company has invested in omnichannel solutions for customer service, as well as intuitive generative AI solutions, like the Zoom Companion and Revenue Accelerator. Zoom’s contact center can integrate with existing business tools, and adapt to suit the needs of different industries.  

Zoom also allows organizations to save time on customer service, with workflow automation. Plus, Zoom’s technology includes extensive intelligent routing capabilities, visual IVR development tools, and flexible chatbots. There’s also “AI Expert Assist”, for agent coaching, as well as Workforce management tools available from Zoom today.  

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