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Oak Innovation Call recording Review
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Published: May 2, 2019

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Whether for dispute resolution, compliance, training, or quality improvement purposes, call recording has a part to play in virtually any business.

The ability to capture and learn from communications is a critical business tool, particularly where customer and user experience are more important than ever. However, in today’s world where data, privacy and security need to work together, it can be challenging to find the right call recording service.

Oak Innovation offers a call and screen recording portfolio designed to enhance business decision making, improve customer service, and drive growth, without security concerns. If you’re looking to evolve, whilst remaining compliant, this could be the answer.

The Features of Oak Innovation Call Recording

Currently, Oak Innovation offers 3 call recording solutions designed to suit a wide range of business requirements. “RecordX” has been available since the mid-2000s and offers a cost effective, feature rich solution. “Clarify” was introduced about four years ago to meet the needs of mid-market organisations. “nLighten”is Oak’s latest cloud recording platform.

All three solutions are built from the ground-up to be easy-to-deploy, feature-rich, and cost-effective strategies for information management. Features you can expect from Oak’s call recording portfolio include:

  • Powerful and intelligent search capabilities
  • Clever stereo playback to listen to each side of a conversation seperately
  • Share selected parts of a conversation to assist with dispute resolution
  • Choose from on-premises and cloud deployment options
  • Multi-site administration and storage
  • Resilient recording with health monitoring services
  • Live-listening options for agent training
  • Integrate with a wide range of customer database / CRM systems
  • Combine call recording with PCI payment automation and analytics
  • Support packages to meet all business needs

What’s more, Oak’s call recording solutions are designed to suit a range of business processes and IT frameworks. You can deploy your strategy however you like, enjoy the freedom of open-standard and proprietary integration abilities and more. There’s also the option to store recordings for as long as you need to, either on-the-cloud or on-site.

Oak Call Recording: RecordX Features & Benefits

RecordX is the original call recording solution from Oak Innovation. A comprehensive system for data capturing and management, RecordX gives you all the information you need to make real differences to business operations. You can record every conversation over the phone with ease, to check customer contracts, evaluate service and more.

RecordX – click to enlarge

Features include:

  • Improve compliance with MiFID II and FCA guidelines, options for PCI DSS compliance with card transactions too
  • Enhanced data protection services via the GDPR advanced feature pack
  • Record calls from SIP, analogue trunks, ISDN30, ISDN2, VoIP and extensions
  • Monitor and improve call handling with playback and call evaluation
  • Protect business integrity with tamperproof evidence for dispute resolution
  • Automatically inform customers that calls are recorded when they dial-in
  • Playback calls to confirm customer requirements
  • Match call recordings to specific extensions
  • Integrate RecordX with your current phone system, and connect to call reporting and CRM integration
  • Monitor individual and team targets with performance assessments
  • Flag training needs for agents
  • Create playlists of exemplary call recording for training

Oak Clarify Call Recording Features & Benefits

Oak Clarify is one of the newer call recording solutions in the Oak portfolio, created with redundancy, real-time interfaces, multi-site and multi-tenant deployments in mind.

The system comes with an immersive user interface, full quality management controls, and a recently introduced multi-site capability which keeps Oak ahead in the mid-market space. Clarify is available now on Avaya IP Office and Mitel MiVoice Connect. However, it will soon be available on Avaya ACCS and Mitel MiVoice Business too. Clarify also supports SIP endpoint recording and supports Avaya IP Office SMDR matching to offer end-users a more cost-effective entry point to real-time integration.

Features include:

  • Capture, process and store information that’s easy to access for an in-depth analysis
  • Handle information securely according to the latest UK and EU regulations
  • Collect and store every conversation that takes place over the phone
  • Flexible recording – set your own recording rules to adhere to compliance requirements
  • Screen recording – capture activity on-screen, as well as voice, for better context
  • Customise where your recordings are stored
  • Intelligent searching – find the information you need fast
  • Stereo playback – listen to both sides of a conversation individually
  • User-defined access – choose exactly who can access recordings
  • Email MP3 recording files to customers and colleagues
  • Call-sharing – send time-limited playback to recipients
  • Quality measurement – access Clarify Quality Measurement to evaluate and monitor individual and departmental performance according to specific benchmarks
  • Create projects to support long or short-term objectives
  • Assessments – select playlists based on particular user ID and customer numbers
  • Reports – access comprehensive reports to monitor progress

Oak Call Recording: nLighten Features & Benefits

nLighten is a fully-featured cloud recording platform, currently available in North America. It’s built on top of the Mitel MiVoice Connect deployments in the region. Although there are plans to bring nLighten to the UK, the date of its arrival is still yet to be decided.

nLighten leverages cloud services to deliver next-level call recording solutions, including sentiment analysis and speech analytics. In the months to come, Oak is also investing in integrations with Brightmetrics Call Analytics too. Features include:

  • Simplified search and playback
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Cloud-based solution eliminates need for on-premises hardware
  • Access recordings anywhere
  • Share call extracts with specific individuals for dispute resolution
  • Support compliance with FCA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS
  • Speech analytics to boost customer experience
  • Sentiment analysis

Target Market & Regional Availability

Oak Call Recording services are available in both North America and the UK, depending on the solution that you want to invest in. The nLighten service is currently only available for companies in North America, though a UK roll-out is in the works.

Oak recommends their call recording services for any business in need of a reliable solution for data management, including the Finance sectors, Government, Healthcare, Education, Contact Centres, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, and many more.

How to Buy & Pricing

To purchase your Oak Innovation call recording solution, you’ll need to contact the team either in the UK or North America – depending on your individual needs. The customer service team is available either through email, or phone call, and there’s an online chat option too.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Oak Innovation offers a wide range of call and screen recording solutions to suit a host of business needs. Whether you’re searching for a way to improve your team’s performance with state-of-the-art training, or you need recordings for compliance purposes, Oak can help.

Q: Which Deployment models are available?

A: Choose the deployment that suits you, with on-premises, and cloud-hosted solutions. Oak offers full freedom of implementation with virtualised and multi-site deployment options. Plus, adherence to open standards means you can avoid vendor lock-in.

Q: What compliance standards does Oak adhere to?

A: Oak’s call recording solutions ensure that you can remain compliant with the latest regulations. Store your recordings either on-site or on the cloud for as long as you need to, and stay on the right side of the FCA, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and MiFID II.

Q: Is Oak integration-friendly?

A: Oak call recording solutions are designed to be flexible. They’re open-standards ready, so you can deploy them with your existing call systems. What’s more, you’ll be able to integrate your call recording services with your CRM and other databases too.


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