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Published: April 2, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Today, customer experience is the most important battleground on which companies can compete. More than anything else, the experiences companies give to their customers determine whether they’ll capture leads, retain clients, and inspire brand loyalty.  

The contact center exists at the heart of any strong CX strategy, ensuring teams can connect with customers across a range of channels, track data, and deliver exceptional service. In today’s evolving landscape, CCaaS, or “Contact Center as a Service” solutions have grown increasingly popular. Not only do these agile platforms allow organizations to evolve rapidly with new tools and features, but they ensure teams can continue to operate productively in the age of hybrid and remote work. 

Today, the CCaaS market is rapidly growing, accelerating towards a projected value of $15.07 billion by 2029. Here are just some of the top vendors offering access to CCaaS platforms for the new age of customer service.  

  • Five9
  • 8×8
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AudioCodes
  • Avaya
  • babelforce
  • Cirrus
  • Cisco
  • ComputerTalk
  • Content Guru
  • Enghouse Interactive
  • Evolve IP
  • Genesys
  • Intermedia
  • Lifesize (Serenova)
  • MaxContact
  • Microsoft
  • NICE
  • Noetica
  • Odigo
  • Puzzel
  • RingCentral
  • Salesforce
  • Sprinklr
  • Talkdesk
  • Twilio
  • Ujet
  • Vonage
  • Zoom


Contact center solution provider Five9 focuses on developing intelligent solutions for customer and employee engagement. The company’s broad solution portfolio covers everything from workforce and quality management, to interaction analytics, gamification, and artificial intelligence. Five9’s cloud-based contact center software comes with a range of pre-built integrations for aligning the tech stack. 

Users can connect with customers across a variety of channels, from voice, and email to social media messaging. Plus, built-in workflow management and performance tools help organizations to keep track of team engagement and performance. Five9 also includes real-time and historical reporting software within its contact center platform.  

→ Explore Five9


Taking a modular approach to communications technology, 8×8 supports organizations in developing a customized technology stack. The 8×8 product portfolio can be adapted to suit businesses from any industry, with global reach and compliance built in. With the cloud-based contact center from 8×8, business leaders can leverage omnichannel routing, workforce engagement management and advanced analytics capabilities in one place. 

The versatile platform offered by 8×8 comes with a 99.999% SLA, as well as around-the-clock technical support. Users can choose where they want data to be stored, and integrate their ecosystem with various tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.  

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Amazon Web Services 

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a cloud technology vendor offering solutions for everything from data management to unified communications and collaboration. Amazon Connect is the CCaaS platform offered by AWS, which allows teams to set up contact centers in a couple of clicks, and boost productivity with AI and machine learning.  

The scalable cloud contact center supports omnichannel communications and self-service solutions with multilingual IVR and chatbot options. Companies can also leverage tools for task management, knowledge assistance, and agent engagement within the platform. The technology includes real-time analytics, outbound campaigns, and forecasting tools.  

→ Explore Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Communication technology vendors AudioCodes provide a variety of contact center tools to business leaders, ranging from cloud-based contact centers to CX innovation as a service. AudioCodes contact center toolsets offer flexible access to a wide variety of new technologies, from conversational AI frameworks to intelligent analytics and advanced management tools.  

With AudioCodes, companies can expect support for both cloud and on-premises deployments, customized to suit their specific needs. AudioCodes also partners with leading names in contact center systems, allowing organizations to build their own technology stack with a variety of best-in-class tools. What’s more, the company promises crystal-clear audio quality, seamless interoperability, and easy-to-use backend environments. 

→ Explore AudioCodes


Offering solutions for all aspects of the communication landscape, Avaya’s portfolio covers everything from UCaaS to CPaaS and CCaaS. The core contact center solution offered by the business is the Avaya Experience Platform. This cloud-based technology allows companies to interact with clients across every channel, and supports team members with a variety of useful tools.  

Companies can utilize AI speech analytics and noise removal tools to improve clarity in customer service, and use attribute-based routing to assign clients to the right agent. Avaya also builds workforce engagement tools into its ecosystem to keep team members on track, as well as automation and self-service capabilities for digital experience.  

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With a particular focus on No-Code automation, babelforce positions itself as a powerful enabler of flexible customer experience at scale. Their promise is that babelforce users can create complex customer service processes in days, which would otherwise take weeks or months.

Unusually, the babelforce platform also features a fully integrated VoiceBot solution. This works alongside their core telephony product as well as their native Zendesk and Salesforce integrations. Combined with the platform’s process automation capabilities across voice, messaging, IVR, and AI solutions, babelforce automates as much as 95% of routine tasks in the contact center.

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Cirrus is a leading provider of cloud-based contact centre software that enables organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels.

Cirrus offers a seamless omnichannel platform that integrates voice, video, email, messaging and social media, giving agents a single view of the customer and allowing them to manage interactions effortlessly.

Cirrus also offers a native application for Microsoft Teams, conversational AI, workforce management, and analytics tools to optimise performance and efficiency. Cirrus is trusted by customers in various sectors, including retail, finance, healthcare and public services.

→ Explore Cirrus Response


Offering everything from dedicated hardware to platform solutions, Cisco’s product portfolio covers all aspects of the communication and networking landscape. The CCaaS platform created by Cisco comes in the form of the Webex Contact Center, which is also certified for use with Microsoft Teams. The platform supports omnichannel interactions, and real-time reporting tools for actionable insights. 

With the Webex contact center, businesses can leverage a highly secure and flexible toolkit, with fully customizable technologies and security already built in. Employees gain access to an intuitive desktop environment with customer context histories and messaging for real-time collaboration. The solution has also been recognized as a leader in the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant. 

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The ComputerTalk contact center platform, “ice”, gives business leaders an opportunity to enable conversations with customers across a variety of channels, from voice to web chat, IM, email, video, and social media. The flexible solution includes support for AI and self-service bots, and can be constantly optimized using data from real-time and historical reporting tools.  

With ComputerTalk, businesses have the freedom to leverage their existing telephony vendor in the cloud, and even connect their contact center to tools like Microsoft Teams. ComputerTalk’s years of industry experience ensures the company can work with growing brands to design, deliver, and support enterprise-grade contact centers in any industry.  

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Content Guru 

Specializing in various forms of cloud communication, Content Guru provides services across 60 countries, with access to a host of CX and engagement tools. The CCaaS platform developed by Content Guru is the storm contact center. The solution includes omnichannel routing, allowing agents to connect with clients across any channel, and align reporting data.  

The storm platform also features advanced routing capabilities, real-time and historical reporting tools, and access to a variety of integrations for aligning existing technologies. Content Guru’s “storm” platform can also be unified with the brain intelligent automation toolkit, which integrates AI capabilities into the CX environment, and allows teams to streamline workflows.  

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Enghouse Interactive 

Supporting companies with IVR applications, inbound and outbound contact center tools, and analytics services, Enghouse Interactive supports a range of use cases in the communication space. The company also has its own UC and video collaboration toolkits. Enghouse Interactive’s CCaaS platform is an omnichannel cloud-based environment, with premium security included.  

The scalable solution allows businesses to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI and automation. Business leaders can choose from a range of deployment and management options, and even access Enghouse’s support with migrating to the cloud. The system includes features for call and screen recording, automatic call distribution, chatbots, AI, and knowledge management. 

→ Explore Enghouse Interactive

Evolve IP 

Focusing on serving companies with specific use cases and compliance requirements, Evolve IP offers both unified communication and contact center solutions. The Contact Center as a Service solution from Evolve IP offers omnichannel communication capabilities, allowing teams to interact with clients across any channel or platform. The solution even integrates with Microsoft Teams. 

Evolve IP seamlessly integrates with VoIP and unified communication tools, and includes solutions for AI-based call recording, transcription, and analytics. Users can also utilize built-in workforce optimization and workforce management solutions to keep their teams on the right path. Plus, IVR and post-call survey options are available too.  

→ Explore Evolve IP


With solutions for a host of industries and use cases, Genesys helps companies take advantage of customer journey management, digital interactions, AI, automation and more. The central CCaaS solution from the brand is the Genesys Cloud CX platform. This all-in-one ecosystem unifies customer and agent experiences across multiple channels, in a simple environment.  

Within the Genesys CCaaS platform, companies can compose their ideal solution for customer experience with a range of native components, open APIs and integration options. The cloud-first solution comes with artificial intelligence for analytics and self-service requirements. Unified Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) tools are also included for scheduling and team management needs.  

→ Explore Genesys


Cloud application provider, Intermedia delivers a variety of communication and customer service tools to business leaders. The Intermedia Contact Centre is an all-in-one toolkit for omnichannel interactions, integrated with the “Unite” service for unified communications. The system comes with AI interaction insights to help businesses learn more about clients, as well as smart routing, call queues, and multi-channel outreach abilities.  

With Intermedia’s CCaaS offering, businesses can take advantage of advanced call handling capabilities, including callbacks and call classifications, unified presence and status tools, and a complete integrations toolbox. There are also instant insights available into real-time performance metrics, and custom reports on the contact centre backend.

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Lifesize (Serenova) 

CxExchange is the CCaaS solution offered by Serenova (Lifesize), with access to omnichannel communication capabilities, and integrations with existing toolkits. With CxExchange, business leaders can build custom contact center environments, which work alongside CRM and Quality Management solutions, as well as collaborative team tools. 

The platform supports video-enabled customer experiences, and provides teams with behind-the-scenes insights into performance and customer sentiment. With CxWFM, company managers and supervisors can also monitor agent productivity and provide real-time guidance during conversations. AI and machine learning tools are also included within the platform. 

→ Explore Lifesize (Serenova)


Built in the cloud, the MaxContact contact center offers businesses a customizable environment for managing and optimizing customer experiences. The all-in-one platform combines sales, marketing, and service tools, to address the full customer-facing journey. MaxContact’s tools include advanced outbound dialing solutions, such as predictive dialing, omnichannel communication options, and intelligent IVRs.  

Companies can also tap into performance measuring and reporting tools, with real-time and historic insights into business, department, campaign, and individual performance. Moreover, MaxContact’s AI tools offer support for intelligent speech analytics, quality assurance, and self-service. The scalable contact center solution can adapt to suit the needs of any business, with the ability to update and increase channels and communication options at will.  

→ Explore MaxContact


Microsoft provides companies with a variety of ways to leverage contact center capabilities. Companies can choose from a range of partner companies to embed contact center functions into the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, for combined UCaaS and CCaaS. In 2022, Microsoft also introduced the Microsoft Digital Contact Center platform 

This open and extensible solution includes access to Dynamics 365 for business intelligence, Nuance AI, and Microsoft Teams. It allows brands to deliver personalized omnichannel service across all channels, with AI-powered recommendations and self-service options. Users can also reduce the risk of fraud with biometric authentication and track insights with AI intent prediction and journey analytics.  

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CX company NICE leverages artificial intelligence, automation, and a range of channels to provide companies with end-to-end CCaaS solutions. The NICE technology suite includes CX analytical tools, automation solutions, journey orchestration, and workforce engagement products. Users can also take advantage of CRM and UCaaS integrations, as well as Voice as a Service.  

The core offering available from NICE is the CXi cloud software suite, which combines various aspects of customer experience and contact center management, with security and compliance, disaster recovery, and artificial intelligence. Companies can also find dedicated solutions built for specific industries such as healthcare and finance.  

→ Explore NICE


With a portfolio of tools covering inbound and outbound contact center requirements, Noetica assists brands in building comprehensive CX strategies. The organizations’ range of tools combine artificial intelligence and automation, with omnichannel routing and integrations with existing technologies. Noetica’s selection of CCaaS options fall into three different segments. 

The Smartbound platform supports outbound interactions with predictive dialling, call blending and live person detection. With the Synthesys platform, companies can access visual call scripting, a unified agent desktop, and tactical CRM solutions. There’s also a voice platform for voice recording call monitoring, and IVR journey creation.  

→ Explore Noetica


The omnichannel CCaaS software from Odigo supports businesses in building digital-first customer experience journeys. Within the Odigo ecosystem, companies can find tools for everything from automated callbacks to self-service solutions like chatbots and virtual assistants. Business leaders can also build comprehensive customer profiles using data from a range of environments. 

Odigo’s platform takes advantage of artificial intelligence and automation to assist with routing, customer management, and agent engagement. Companies can access behind-the-scenes insights into customer preferences and experiences with intelligent analytics. Plus, there are various tools available for payment management and outbound calling too.  

→ Explore Odigo


The customer service platform from Puzzel provides companies with an all-in-one contact center environment, designed to help teams serve customers wherever they are. The flexible platform comes with a dedicated agent application to keep teams aligned on the move, as well as administration and workforce management tools for supervisors. 

Designed to scale, the Puzzel CCaaS solution can adapt to any business’s needs over time, and integrate with a variety of tools and systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. Users can also utilize artificial intelligence for analytics and self-service, as well as a range of reporting and monitoring tools. Chatbot, quality assurance and sales intelligence tools are also available.   

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Offering a variety of UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS solutions, RingCentral is a cloud-focused communications service provider. The omnichannel RingCentral CX platform allows organizations to build customized CX strategies, and connect with their customers across any channel. Companies can also align their CCaaS and UCaaS solutions from RingCentral into a single cloud service. 

RingCentral’s tools feature support for both outbound and inbound contact center requirements. There are AI solutions implemented to assist both agents and customers, and even tools for proactively reaching out to customers wherever they are. RingCentral’s platform is secure, compliant, and scalable, and includes tools for monitoring crucial contact center metrics. 

→ Explore RingCentral


Known for its CRM solutions, Salesforce allows companies to build cloud-based CX strategies within the Salesforce Contact Center. The solution is built on the Service Cloud from Salesforce, and includes a native voice channel, with the option for users to bring their own carrier too. The technology supports numerous other engagement channels too, such as SMS and live chat.  

With the Salesforce contact center, companies can take advantage of AI, self-service capabilities and automation, to help streamline customer journeys. Omnichannel routing is available, alongside in-depth reporting and analytics tools. Einstein Conversational insights are also available to support agents during conversations with customers.  

→ Explore Salesforce


Unified customer experience platform Sprinklr helps companies connect with their fans and customers across a range of channels. The Unified-CXM platform from the company aligns teams across a range of messaging, social media, video, and voice tools, helping organizations to streamline workflows with personalized customer experiences.  

The Unified CXM solution helps companies to deliver personalized experiences through artificial intelligence, and includes automation tools. Companies can also leverage sales, marketing, and advertising solutions within the platform. Plus, insights and analytics are included for behind-the-scenes insights into customer service metrics.  

→ Explore Sprinklr


Flexible cloud contact center provider Talkdesk empowers companies to connect with customers anywhere, on any device or channel, without compromise. The versatile CCaaS solution integrates with a variety of critical systems and tools, ranging from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce. Plus, it includes a range of native apps for workforce management, self-service and routing.  

Talkdesk builds artificial intelligence into its contact center to help provide companies with insights into ways of boosting efficiency. The system is also highly secured, with more than 30 privacy and compliance certifications, and threat prevention built in. Users can even customize the Talkdesk platform with a clicks-not-code admin environment.  

→ Explore Talkdesk


CPaaS vendors Twilio give companies the tools they need to build customer experience solutions into existing apps and platforms. Twilio’s “Flex” platform for customer engagement works as a digital contact center, where teams can build customized journeys for consumers from scratch. The solution comes with sales tools for pre-purchase conversations, and an in-app digital concierge. 

With Twilio Flex, companies can connect with their customers across any channel, and build detailed profiles for clients with first-party data. Users can also integrate data from any system, including Zendesk and Salesforce. Plus, it’s possible to add click-to-call functionality, self service solutions and other tools into existing applications with a couple of clicks.  

→ Explore Twilio


UJET partners with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) to deliver AI-powered customer experiences through CCaaS, prioritising security and reliability.

UJET’s CCaaS solution integrates with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX, a conversational AI platform that enables natural and rich customer interactions and is available on Google Cloud Marketplace UJET’s solution features a Virtual Agent for self-service options, which can then be escalated to contact centre agents if and when it’s needed.

UJET and Google Cloud partnered earlier this year to jointly develop and deliver the CCaaS roadmap, with further consolidation of contact center technologies and AI-powered innovation in the pipeline.

→ Explore UJET


Vonage produces a variety of communication and business management tools, ranging from conversational AI solutions to APIs for CPaaS. The Vonage Contact Center aligns customer experience tools with team productivity and engagement solutions. Users can also integrate the latest technology from their existing tech stack, or align Vonage with solutions like Microsoft Teams. 

The omnichannel CCaaS platform from Vonage comes with an AI routing solution to help drive customers towards the right agents. Users can also automatically record and log conversations for analytics, training, and compliance. Vonage also offers support for virtual assistants, conversational analytics, video and screen sharing, and custom agent dashboards. 

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UJET’s cloud contact centre platform leverages Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) to deliver AI-powered customer experiences. UJET and Google Cloud have partnered to offer innovation, security, and reliability across contact center operations.

UJET’s CCaaS solution is available on Google Cloud Marketplace and integrates with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX, a conversational AI platform that enables natural and rich interactions with customers.

UJET’s Virtual Agent uses Dialogflow CX to provide self-service options and seamless handoffs to human agents when needed. UJET and Google Cloud are working together to simplify and accelerate digital transformation and the incorporation of AI in the customer and agent experience.

→ Explore UJET


Despite launching in February 2022, Zoom has evolved its CCaaS platform at a ferocious pace. Indeed, the vendor has added virtual agents (including Anthropic-inspired Claude), conversational analytics, and workforce engagement solutions in an incredibly short space of time. Moreover, it has established robust partnerships with Salesforce, Verint, and ServiceNow. The latter even embeds the Zoom Contact Center within a ServiceNow environment.

Such innovation and interoperability allowed Zoom to rack up hundreds of contact center customers in its first year alone. Now, it seeks to build on this momentum as the provider battles perceptions of being “that video conferencing platform”. As it does so, Zoom aspires to become a trusted partner for complex contact center deployments.

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