Sprinklr Enjoys CCaaS Success with a Land & Expand Strategy

The vendor is leveraging existing relationships with big brands and expanding into the contact center

Sprinklr Enjoys CCaaS Success with a Land & Expand Strategy
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Published: June 6, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Sprinklr has achieved “remarkable business results” since moving into the CCaaS space, according to CEO Ragy Thomas.

The comment comes after Sprinklr revealed its Q2 earnings, reporting revenue growth of 20 percent year-over-year (YoY).

While some of this growth stems from new customer wins, much results from extending its business with existing customers.

Indeed, the vendor now boasts 115 customers with contracts worth over $1MN. That figure is up 28 percent YoY.

Sprinklr’s move into CCaaS – which began a little over a year ago – helped facilitate this uptick.

Indeed, many contact centers already use its social suite. Recognizing this, the vendor has aimed to build on those relationships and serve more of their needs with Sprinklr Service: its CCaaS platform.

Now, that land and expand strategy already appears to be bearing fruit.

Sharing an example, Thomas stated during the earnings call:

A top five global technology company renewed and expanded their business to over $15 million in ARR (annual recurring revenue).

“Sprinklr Service is now a critical part of the deployment at this client, enabling guided workflows, knowledge bases for agents, customers, video chat, co-browsing, and AI-powered agent-assist capabilities like smart comprehension, pairing, and responses.”

Another example is Sprinklr’s business with Americana Restaurants International, a corporation that manages 2,183 restaurants across the Middle East and Africa.

After initially partnering with Sprinklr to create a voice of the customer (VoC) strategy, Americana has deployed Sprinklr Service across 1,000 locations in ten countries, according to Thomas.

Yet, these are only two examples of many, and this early success has given Sprinklr confidence in its approach to CCaaS.

“We know that’s the right strategy,” continued Thomas. “Our hope and aspiration – as we publicly stated – is to become a pretty serious CCaaS player.”

Legacy Augmentation Projects Support Sprinklr’s Strategy

Sprinklr already works with many enterprises to implement its Social, Insights, and/or Marketing platforms. These include the likes of Garmin, Mcdonald’s, and Samsung.

As noted, the vendor leverages that customer base to partner with many large businesses on CCaaS.

In doing so, Sprinklr often encounters traditional vendors, like Avaya and Genesys, in the enterprise.

Yet, it is not ripping those technologies out immediately. Instead, many customers are vying for an incremental CCaaS transition. As Thomas explains:

We have a lot of lower-hanging fruit opportunities in terms of just augmenting the core voice infrastructure, which works with about seven of our AI-based products.

However, Thomas admits that the aim is to go “after the whole thing”, after establishing robust partnerships and delivering ROI.

Moreover, the CEO discussed plans to build out its CCaaS ecosystem of peripheral, implementation, and consulting partners to support this strategy.

Already, Sprinklr works with the likes of Accenture and Deloitte. Yet, to match the ambition of becoming a global CCaaS stalwart, it strives to ramp this up in the coming months.

The End Goal Is a Unified CXM Platform

As Sprinklr builds momentum in the CCaaS market, Thomas states that its contact center customers continually validate the vendor’s approach.

“The market is craving a unified solution because they can’t afford to buy six or seven and then integrate them,” said Thomas.

Yet, the need for tighter integration expands beyond the contact center, which Sprinklr recognizes with its Unified CXM platform.

The platform aspires to help service, sales, and marketing teams work in lockstep. Why? Because:

  • Service interactions are often the result of marketing initiatives
  • Marketing shares many of the same goals as sales
  • Sales teams frequently face the same queries as contact center agents

As such, these departments should harness many of the same tools, share insights, and collaborate on the business’s overarching CX objectives – which they are all responsible for.

By implementing Sprinklr’s Unified CXM platform, businesses can enable such convergence.

Selling that vision may help Sprinklr further its land & expand strategy, engaging its customers with its four core platforms.

The vendor seemingly recognizes this too, recently making a big generative AI announcement covering each platform simultaneously and highlighting the combined power of its complete portfolio.



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