Genesys to Roll Up Radarr Technologies and “Unify CX Like Never Before”

The acquisition also unlocks more interaction, sentiment, and attitudinal data, which may fuel Genesys’ AI

Genesys to Roll Up Radarr Technologies and “Unify CX Like Never Before”
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Published: January 22, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Genesys has agreed to acquire Radarr Technologies, the “social and consumer intelligence platform” provider.

The platform applies AI and analytics to social and digital conversations, utilizing data visualization, dashboards, and insights reporting.

Its tagline? “Never miss a signal with Radarr.”

As this suggests, Radarr will also support contact centers in fueling Genesys’ AI with more data.

Nevertheless, the primary objective of the acquisition is seemingly to extend the Genesys Cloud experience orchestration offering to social media.

In doing so, Genesys claims it will have “the most comprehensive coverage of consumer touchpoints in the industry.”

Tony Bates, CEO and Chairman of Genesys, doubled down on this point. He stated: “As consumers increasingly turn to social media platforms to connect with brands for support, these channels become a crucial and largely untapped opportunity for organizations to engage with customers and glean valuable business insights.

Once the capabilities of Radarr Technologies are integrated into Genesys Cloud, Genesys can accelerate its transformation of the CX industry by helping organizations further connect every touchpoint into the end-to-end customer experience.

Businesses often lack such a connection between social touchpoints, relying on point solutions that silo service, sales, and marketing’s social media strategies.

Radarr helps to remove these siloes by providing a unified social inbox that unites the customer-facing teams.

Many will recognize this potential. Yet, some will ask: is Genesys – as a CCaaS, not a CRM vendor – the best-placed tech provider to address these social silos?

Sheila McGee-Smith, President of McGee-Smith Analytics, seems to think so. She said: “Connecting these public feeds with the orchestration of the customer journey will provide companies not only a more holistic understanding of consumer behavior and sentiment but the tools to take action through more enhanced personalization and engagement.

In adding Radarr Technologies capabilities to Genesys Cloud, the company recognizes the rising importance global enterprises are placing on social interaction management and analytics to achieve a complete unification of the customer experience.

Genesys expects to close the acquisition in the first quarter of fiscal year 2025.

A Quick Overview of Radarr Technologies’ Platform

Radarr Technologies describes its platform as a “Bloomberg terminal for marketers.”

To create this terminal, the provider splits its offering into five core modules: listen, respond, publish, analyze, and influence.

“Listen” analyzes the digital ecosystem, helping customers isolate and predict social media trends before they build momentum and possibly go viral. It also allows businesses to monitor their brands’ and competitors’ performance on social media.

“Repsond” provides the unified social inbox, giving service and marketing a single, “complete” view of the customer, including real-time data.

The “publish” module allows content teams to plan, scan, and – unsurprisingly – publish content across social channels through approval workflows. A page analytics feature also provides a view into the performance of a brand’s owned media.

“Analyze” measures the impact of “every effort” across social channels to help brands spot what drives customer engagement.

Finally, “influence” enables brands to amplify their brand message. Working with 100MN influencers globally, Radarr supports brands in finding the best-placed influencers, inviting them to collaborate, approve creative content, track performance, and make payments all in one place.

Each module helps customer experience teams build a hotbed of interaction, sentiment, and attitudinal data – which may lay the foundations for Genesys AI to thrive.

Yet, many of these modules are marketing-oriented. So, it’ll be fascinating to see how Genesys leverages Radarr’s deep portfolio – as it hopes to double down on journey orchestration and lead the CCaaS market in a new direction.

Indeed, the provider has a long history of doing so, perhaps evident in its long run as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS.


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