The Top Zoom Contact Center Features to Empower Agents

The best Zoom contact center features for enhanced CX

The Top Zoom Contact Center Features to Empower Agents - CX Today News
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Published: November 9, 2023

Rebekah Carter

If you’re searching for the best Zoom contact center features to empower your teams and unlock CX enhancements, you’re in the right place. Zoom might be best known for its video conferencing and collaboration tools, but its product portfolio has expanded drastically in recent years.

In a quest to compete with other market leaders, like Microsoft and RingCentral, Zoom branched into the CCaaS market in February 2022 and has been updating its platform ever since.

The Zoom omnichannel contact center complements Zoom’s existing UCaaS solutions, meeting tools, and even its innovative sales technologies (like Zoom Revenue Accelerator). It also works alongside the communication brand’s Workforce Management toolkit, announced at Zoomtopia 2023.

Today, we’re looking at some of the most powerful Zoom contact center features worth exploring in the months ahead if you’re investing in CX transformation.

The Top Zoom Contact Center Features for CX

While many of the Zoom contact center features mentioned here might seem commonplace for an omnichannel CX platform, Zoom has taken a unique approach to customer service. Unlike other CCaaS solutions, primarily optimized for voice, Zoom is optimized for video.

While using video to connect with consumers might still seem unusual, around 70% of customers now prefer video calling when accessing customer support. Additionally, 94% of customers say they’ve received a positive experience through video.

Zoom also sets itself apart from other contact center solutions with exceptional flexibility. The CCaaS platform can operate as a standalone CX service or integrate directly into an existing site or application. It even aligns perfectly with Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Chat.

Here are some of our favorite features worth exploring in the Zoom contact center.

1. Omnichannel Zoom Contact Center Features (Optimized for Video)

While other CCaaS vendors have begun implementing video capabilities into their omnichannel platforms in recent years, Zoom has always been video-focused. The platform for contact center agents features all of the engaging elements you’d expect from Zoom’s video meeting services.

This includes powerful Zoom backgrounds, image optimization features, screen sharing, file sharing, and integrated chat. Notably, while Zoom prioritizes video for personalized human engagements, it does offer a full omnichannel experience.

The multi-purpose agent desktop comes with access to Zoom Phone and chat features, all unified in the same environment. Employees familiar with the Zoom ecosystem will benefit from the same streamlined call-handling experience they’re already used to.

2. Zoom AI Companion (and Revenue Accelerator)

Like many communication vendors, Zoom is rapidly increasing its investment in the generative AI landscape. The company has already launched both Zoom AI Companion and Zoom Revenue Accelerator to assist users throughout the entire communication tech stack.

Zoom AI Companion (formerly Zoom IQ) improves employee efficiency and productivity levels, whether meeting with colleagues or clients. It can analyze phone calls, summarize messages and voicemails instantly, and even suggest creative responses to queries.

The AI Companion, included for free with existing Zoom plans, even has a real-time coaching feature that helps users improve their communication and presentation skills. The Zoom Revenue Accelerator, previously “IQ for Sales,” builds on this AI functionality for sales teams.

Revenue Accelerator can provide in-depth access to conversational intelligence, sentiment analysis, and real-time coaching. It also offers valuable guidance to team members to help them shorten deal cycles and forecast potential sale opportunities.

3. Zoom Virtual Agent

If you’re excited by the idea of AI-driven Zoom contact center features, the Zoom virtual agent is sure to capture your attention. This chatbot AI solution can automatically assess customer intent during conversations and provide valuable insights to employees.

It also allows companies to design powerful self-service experiences built to enhance first-contact resolution rates. You can integrate the Zoom virtual agent with your CRM, e-commerce systems, and other databases to deliver personalized experiences.

The agent can automatically hand contextual information over to an agent when a customer requests human intervention. Consumers don’t have to spend as much time repeating themselves, and agents can resolve issues faster.

4. Direct Zoom UCaaS Integrations

As mentioned above, one of the critical factors that separates Zoom’s contact center from other solutions on the market is its deep integration with Zoom’s UCaaS services. Zoom makes it easy to align the tools you already use for meetings, internal calls, and collaboration with your contact center.

This ensures agents can rapidly access presence information for their coworkers and collaborate with back-office experts while talking to customers. The unified experience minimizes the need to jump back and forth between applications, boosting employee productivity.

Additionally, it ensures companies can maintain an end-to-end view of their communication services, drawing insights from internal and external conversations simultaneously.

5. Zoom Workforce Management

Though Zoom WFM can be accessed as a standalone solution, it was designed to align with Zoom’s contact center service. Introduced in 2023, Zoom Workforce management leverages existing Zoom contact center features (like end-to-end analysis) to help businesses make intelligent decisions.

The Workforce Engagement Management suite is fully integrated with the cloud contact center and offers access to comprehensive forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management tools. Built-in AI and machine learning models make it easy to predict call volume and staffing needs at a glance.

You can even build optimized and automated schedules with forecasted data in seconds. Zoom WFM also provides access to adherence metrics and useful supervisor tools to help leaders optimize their agent workforce.

6. Zoom Contact Center Features: Waiting Rooms and Personalization

It’s no secret that customers are searching for more personalized, relevant experiences from service agents. That’s why a handful of dedicated Zoom contact center features are specifically designed to help businesses customize the buyer journey.

One of the most exciting options offered by Zoom is the opportunity to create personalized waiting rooms. These video waiting rooms can be customized according to your customer’s needs and position in the queue. They can also display content relevant to your customer’s queries, such as welcome and promotional videos, FAQs, and informative documents.

Within Zoom waiting rooms, companies can also allow their consumers to self-service and speak to virtual agents before an agent joins in a call. This can help to reduce the number of conversations passed through to human employees.

7. Advanced Routing Capabilities

Speaking of enhancing the customer journey with Zoom contact center features, Zoom also supports advanced skills-based routing. The Zoom contact center platform’s sophisticated “flow designer” allows organizations to design unique customer journeys across all channels.

Since the open CCaaS platform integrates with CRMs, it can also pull caller information from your databases. This ensures the AI algorithm can pass customers to the right agent based on previous interactions, call histories, and preferences.

The workflow designer tools allow companies to create intuitive IVR experiences using drag-and-drop modules. There’s no coding required, and you can automate various interactions with recordings, automatic speech recognition, and text-to-speech.

8. Flexible Integrations

Although the standard Zoom contact center features available to companies are excellent for boosting workplace efficiency and CX, you may want to add some extra elements. Integrating your contact center with your employees’ tools is a great way to increase productivity.

Plus, Zoom’s flexible integrations all directly impact customer service results. For instance, you can integrate the system with CRMs to give agents helpful access to customer data. You can also incorporate Zoom directly with Meta messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

Zoom’s extensible CCaaS platform also offers access to software development kits and APIs for building robust automated workflows. This gives companies comprehensive freedom to create innovative experiences for customers.

9. Outbound Zoom Contact Center Features

Unlike other CCaaS solutions, Zoom supports inbound and outbound contact center workflows. Companies can manage inbound interactions on various channels, using AI Expert assist tools to revolutionize customer service.

Additionally, agents can use Zoom’s updated outbound dialer when contacting customers for sales and follow-up purposes. This solution now includes progressive and preview dialer capabilities, enabling agents to enhance interactions before placing calls.

Zoom announced a new Remote Desktop control feature at Zoomtopia this year, allowing agents to solve problems efficiently by controlling customer desktops.

10. Robust Data Analytics and Insights

Finally, some of the best Zoom contact center features lie within the company’s innovative analytical hub. According to Zoom, the ability to measure agent performance can help businesses better understand both employee and customer needs.

Zoom contact center includes access to more than 25 logs, reports, and dashboards for managing and measuring agent productivity and performance. You can even set up custom alerts to notify supervisors when KPIs and metrics change.

Plus, with AI solutions, companies can use the data they gather to deliver real-time coaching, advice, and training to employees during conversations.

The Best Zoom Contact Center Features for CX

There are plenty of Zoom contact center features worth exploring this year if you want to digitize and enhance your CX workforce. Zoom’s continued focus on innovation in the communication landscape positions it as a significant competitor in the CCaaS world.

If you’re looking for a contact center solution that integrates with your WFM technology, UCaaS platform, and existing tools, Zoom is a great choice. Plus, the contact center platform will ensure you can take advantage of the latest developments in AI and automation.

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